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CAMPUS WORLD EDUCATION LTD is a company incorporated in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act of England and Wales 2006. Campus World is one of the largest hybrid campus networks having multiple campuses across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian region offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and other international qualifications accredited by multiple universities and awarding organisations from UK, Europe and United States.

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  • Start-Up Incubation Centres in London, Zurich, Dubai & Barcelona
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Campus World is a global facilitator institutional relationship between universities, awarding organisations, institutes, governments, and both for profit and not-for profit organizations. Headquartered in London, UK Campus World’s key thrust areas of institutional international partnerships include identifying potential partners, initial assessment (potential synergies, timeframe, legal code of conduct), developing a proposal for clients and roadmap of engagement including strategic plan (includes resource planning), facilitate meetings, signing of MoU or MOA, periodic assessment and partnership expansion, etc.
We aim MoUs or MOAs to serve as the basis for a future legal contract or may simply reflect the basic terms by which the partners agree to work benefitting both. By pooling and coordinating the resources of both partners, collaborations and partnerships can potentially maximize results and produce new growth opportunities. To be productive, however, collaborations or partnerships call for substantial planning and continuous monitoring and producing periodical review reports.

As there is a need for outlining key steps in building effective, lasting partnerships and managing statutory compliance the Campus World covers the entire spectrum: ‘’Setting goals’’ and ‘’Putting together the planning team’’ to ‘’Overseeing the Implementation of the Program’’ and subsequently ‘’Making Modifications as Required’’.

Campus World experience has identified a score of factors help to resolve partnership problems and we suggest our clients to bring them in line of the following:
• Transparency and frequent communication between partner institutions through various representations, which we are often asked to be a part of;
• A flawless needs assessment that helps the planning team to articulate the big priorities and goals in an agenda-driven environment.

Campus World partnerships support have been extended to deserving clients who have formed partnership or collaboration on their strengths or something that has complemented each other. In the process we keep Knowledge management at the core of our exchange, something that is a set of processes to create, store, transfer, and apply knowledge in the organization. Thus, we become instrumental in promoting knowledge management for organizational learning by increasing the ability of the organization to learn from its environment and to incorporate knowledge into its processes. Doing this, we acknowledge all the components of knowledge management -- people, process, content, technology and strategy -- regardless of the organization’s size, or knowledge needs, as we understand the institutions will always need people to lead, sponsor, and support knowledge sharing. Thus, we help them in their task of defining processes to manage and measure knowledge flows.

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Campus World believes in education which equips the students with the entire latest armoury
to go forward and face the real trends in the modern world.

Startup Incubation Center

Shaping the real Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Campus World facilitate Startup incubation centre access to all our learners. Startup Incubation has significant importance in a country like India where entrepreneurs by the score are launching new setups and changing the game of business by minutes.

We have a panel of experts from business and technology world act as the startup incubators to help our young entrepreneurs to develop their business, provide support functions, mentorship and resources.

This enables them to get all the expert advice and technical guidance that they need to survive for a longer time, unlike most other entrepreneurial ventures that fizzle out within a few months of their launch.

There are shining specimen of fruitful collaboration between campus world, industry partners and startups.

The centre is powered by Entrepreneur Connect program which enhance the students’ knowledge of global business trends and overseas opportunities in business.

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Innovation Lab

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Global Learner’s Passport

Your Steps to Corporate World

The student’s bio-data is not only based on the grades obtained in final exams, but also on the complete history of their presence on campus including participated events, talents & creativity, events managed/ organized, etc. Campus World would create a virtual space where the prospective employers would be able to pick the right candidate by analysing the holistic skills of the candidate with the help of the details stored in the application and can be downloaded using campus world app.

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